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Cheap Air Freight
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Product: Views:333Cheap Air Freight 
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Last updated: 2018-11-12 03:18

How ISCM is doing to save your air shipping and get cheapest rate

1. Space Out Your Shipping

More cargo, less often. That’s the golden rule to cut down air freight costs.

2. Use a Consolidation Shipping Service

Consolidation services take small packages and bundle them together in the ‘spare space’ within other shipments.

3. Negotiate a Long-Term Agreement

To cut down on the amount you spend on shipping, don’t just keep using the same service. Developing a relationship is more valuable than the short-term gains of looking at other providers. 

Talk to your regular provider about setting up an agreement which benefits you both in the long term.

4. Prioritize and Keep Freight Costs Low

One other way to keep overall shipping costs low is to prioritize your shipments by order of urgency. Things that can’t wait go by air. Things that can wait go by road or boat, whichever is suitable.

Using a mix of transportation solutions means that only your urgent shipments cost you air freight prices.

5. Do You Need All That Packaging?

6. Ship Off-Peak

Rate depends on market demand, Friday is the cheapest day to ship on.

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